Academic Grading System in Armenia

The educational institutes in Armenia follow multiple grading systems for the students as per requirement. There are separate grading scales respectively for secondary and post-secondary levels. Secondary system follows the 20 point system. In this system the student receives an Excellent in score of 18-20. If the student scores in between 13 and 17 he is awarded as Good. Students securing a score in the range of 8-12 are declared a Passed candidate. Below this score that is in the score range of 0-7 a student is declared as Fail.

The post-secondary system follows three systems of grading of an individual student. These are explained as follows:-

a) 2-5 grading scheme - In this system the highest score is 5 and the lowest being 2. The entire scheme is divided in to 4 grade points. The score of 5 is termed as Excellent. Followed by grade point 4 as Good. Grade point 3 is treated as Satisfactory or Passed and the score of 2 resembles Fail.

b) 0-10 system – In this system of grading the entire marking scheme is carried between 0 and 10. The 0-4 grade point range is declared a Fail. A pass or satisfactory is given on a score range of 5-6. A student is declared Good on a score of 7-8 and an Excellent is awarded in the score of 9-10.

c) 0-20 system – As discussed above in this system a score range of 0-20 is followed where a score range of 0-7 is taken as fail. A score in the range of 8-12 is regarded as a satisfactory performance. For those scores in range of 13–17 is considered as Good and a grade point in the range of 18-20 is an excellent performance.
In some cases the grading system is borrowed from the Russian system, on the other hand some grading systems follow the American pattern. But the grading system is very scientific and provides a good idea about the grade of the students.
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