Grading System and Accrediting Agencies in Armenia

The educational institutes in Armenia follow multiple grading systems for the students as per requirement. There are separate grading scales respectively for secondary and post-secondary levels. Secondary system follows the 20 point system. In this system the student receives an Excellent in score of 18-20. If the student scores in between 13 and 17 he is awarded as Good. Students securing a score in the range of 8-12 are declared a Passed candidate. Below this score that is in the score range of 0-7 a student is declared as Fail.

The post-secondary system follows three systems of grading of an individual student. These are explained as follows:-

a) 2-5 grading scheme - In this system the highest score is 5 and the lowest being 2. The entire scheme is divided in to 4 grade points. The score of 5 is termed as Excellent. Followed by grade point 4 as Good. Grade point 3 is treated as Satisfactory or Passed and the score of 2 resembles Fail.

b) 0-10 system – In this system of grading the entire marking scheme is carried between 0 and 10. The 0-4 grade point range is declared a Fail. A pass or satisfactory is given on a score range of 5-6. A student is declared Good on a score of 7-8 and an Excellent is awarded in the score of 9-10.

c) 0-20 system – As discussed above in this system a score range of 0-20 is followed where a score range of 0-7 is taken as fail. A score in the range of 8-12 is regarded as a satisfactory performance. For those scores in range of 13–17 is considered as Good and a grade point in the range of 18-20 is an excellent performance.
In some cases the grading system is borrowed from the Russian system, on the other hand some grading systems follow the American pattern. But the grading system is very scientific and provides a good idea about the grade of the students.

Accrediting Agencies

Accreditation is a standard quality assurance program to develop the teaching methods in schools and college. It is an autonomous or self-regulatory body which is formed by the higher authority to make the education many qualitative removing barriers. Therefore, in Armenia, educational institutes are obliged to follow the rules for accreditation.
Through proper accreditation, schools and colleges are controlled for the improvement of education standard.

Qualified teachers must be conscious about their responsibilities to guide students. With times proceeding, the pattern of education at higher level is undergoing a transition. Therefore, the authorities of universities and other institutes must be responsible to modify conventional courses in various streams. There will be new equipment and study materials for doing effective self-discovery researches. Laboratories must be equipped with sophisticated tools for result oriented experiments. Accredited colleges should have large study rooms, libraries, labs and refreshment cabins to help students upgrade their basic skill. They must be motivated to study extensively. Side by side, non-teaching staff members of Armenian colleges must have important roles to run educational institutes successfully. The collaboration between college authority and students will definitely reduce rates of diploma mills to authenticate the training programs.

ANQA- A Self-regulatory Quality Assurance Agency in Armenia

In this connection ANQA is a recognized quality assurance and accreditation agency. This independent organization works to streamline the tertiary training process.  It enhances the fairness in auditing system. The visibility of educational centers, colleges and universities in the global arena is increased. ANQA ensures the smooth progression in making the education more attractive and standard.   ANQA also supports the infrastructural improvement of colleges where students go for enlightenment. They must be comfortable while communicating their senior teachers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of accredited colleges to value the interests of students. Every teacher must be disciplined and honest to give perfect guidance to students to establish their academic careers.

The accreditation methodology of the higher instruction foundations of Armenia will extraordinarily help raising the aggressiveness and global standing of the organizations of higher studying in the nation.

RoA Government and National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance

In 2009 by the choice of the RoA Government the National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance has been secured. The inside is to check the training quality and to execute the accreditation methodology of HEIs and their systems consistent with the European and state principles and guidelines for quality confirmation. In Armenia, the first stage of accreditation was performed in 2001, which incorporated just private organizations.

Consistent with the RoA Law on Education, for the state figures and state non-business associations the report checking higher training is the last scholastic archive furnished by the state or authorize private higher instruction organizations, if nothing else is stipulated by the Law.

Ministry of Education and Science, Armenia

This is another accrediting organization in Armenia of the Ministry of Education and Science. They decide all the important directions and policies of education system in Armenia.

National Information Centre for Academic Recognition and Mobility (NICARM)

This is another accrediting organization in Armenia. They provide formal decision while recognizing a foreign qualification as well as Armenian qualification. This organization itself is recognized by Ministry of education and Science.

The aims of enfranchisement square measure the following:
  • To formally certify the ability of the conformity assessment bodies for providing bound kinds of conformity assessment services
  • To contribute to the advance of the capacities and services of the conformity assessment bodies within the Republic of Republic of Armenia, increase client confidence within the results of conformity assessment activities;
  • To make sure the enfranchisement of the conformity assessment bodies through transfer the procedures in line with the international enfranchisement systems by eliminating technical barriers for mercantilism
  • To produce conditions for the international recognition of the performance of the national enfranchisement body and therefore the conformity assessment bodies authorized by it.
Accreditation is predicated on the subsequent principles:
  • Legality;
  • Voluntarism (unless alternative demand is fixed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia);
  • Independence;
  • Impartiality;
  • Transparency;
  • Professionalism;
  • Confidentiality of data no inheritable within the enfranchisement process;
  • Application of enfranchisement needs harmonic with international and regional standards.
The sanctioned congruity evaluation figures might be as accompanies:

  • Testing and activity laboratories;
  • Product certification bodies;
  • Bodies polishing off technical inspection;
  • Other conformity assessment bodies acting conformity assessment activities.
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