Education System of Armenia

Armenia is a landlocked, on one is the Caspian Sea and on the other Black Sea. It is surrounded by Azerbaijan and Georgia in the North and East, and west and south by Turkey and Iran.

The geography of Armenia is flat as well as mountainous in some places also. It has several rivers that are fast flowing and few forests also. The climate is extreme- very hot during summer days and very cold during winter days. The land is elevated in Armenia and no place has the elevation less than 400 meters above sea-level.

Education condition at the initial stages

Armenian education system was very strong during the communist rule in Armenia, it is evident that in 1960 the reported literacy was 100%. In the Soviet period, primary and secondary school education in Armenia was free, and completion of secondary school is compulsory.

After the fall of Soviet Union, Armenian education faced deterioration along with other public system. Low quality and open use of education and also the failure of groups to administer schools with their rare plans has brought about decay of school offices, and as an outcome influenced the nature of formal training in the nation.

There is deficiency of studying and showing materials at schools, especially those placed in rural/border territories and in impeded groups. The most critical state and national objective as of now is the accelerating improvement of the instructional framework and guaranteeing its aggressiveness in the universal enclosure. Introduction of the training framework to the requirements of "information economy" is the headstone of the present changes.

Changes in the Instruction Methods

Proficient instruction changes constitute the key part of the present stage change. The centre heading of the expert instruction changes is the incorporation of Armenia in the normal European Education region and guaranteeing achievement of the Bologna process necessities: presentation of value affirmation, improving the national capabilities structure and European Credits Transfer System (ECTS), and so forth.

Advancement of the State

Within a span of ten years, the state advanced and sanctioned an entire set of laws and regularizing reports, which have been serving as groundwork for the instruction framework advancement. Article 35 of the first Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, embraced  in 1995, characterized that each subject has the a good fit for instruction; training is on the house in the state auxiliary instructive foundations; each resident has the right to appropriate proficient instruction gratis on aggressive groundwork, in state proficient instruction  organizations.

School Education

The General secondary education in Armenia completes in two years after achievement of the initial two stages which are primary schooling of 3 years along with intermediate schooling of five years. The admission process is achieved by the Basic Education Certificate. The same certificate that is granted after finishing of the general secondary education is as follows:
  • Mijnakarg /Iriv/Yndhanur Krtutyan Attestat for completion of Secondary Education
  • Mijin Masnagitakan Krtutyan Diplom for completion of middle professional education.

Higher Education

There are both state and private run educational institutions in Armenia. The higher education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Science mainly. There are 26 state run higher education institutions and higher education is provided by many types of institutions: institutes, universities, academies and conservatory.

The endeavor of taking higher education in regard to professional career is to offer well excellence professional education in addition to re-qualification that is completely based on intermediate professional education as well as the achieved secondary general. All these meet the needs for educational progress.

Pre-primary Training

After the breakdown of the administration, financing for pre-primary training fell breathtakingly, driving numerous to close and abandoning others to break down. In 1997, the legislature forcefully lessened the rate of the instructional plan designation for preschools, utilizing the stores rather to build using on essential training and moving the control of the pre-primary education to nearby regions.
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