The Armenia K-12 Education System - Primary and Secondary

The Ministry of Education and Science administers the general primary/elementary and secondary educational systems in Armenia. The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) develops and implements the national education policies and standards.

The Armenian K-12 education system encompasses:
  •  Pre-school education imparted by nursery schools and kindergartens
  • General secondary education that encompasses primary/elementary, basic schools and high schools
Common curriculum: Armenian language and literature, physical education and mathematics are taught at every grade level. Russian and other foreign languages are also offered.

Understanding the Armenia K-12 Education System

Pre-school Education

Pre-school education creates a base for children’s moral, intellectual and physical growth and development. It develops the communication skills in mother tongue and provides the ability to study foreign languages. This level also develops basic counting abilities and prepares children for school education. These schools generally function through state funding.
  • Ages: 2-6
Types of Pre-school institutions in Armenia:
  • Nursery: Children aged 2-3 years attend nursery
  • Kindergarten: Children aged 3-6/7 attend kindergarten

Compulsory Education

Public education in Armenia is free and compulsory until the age of 15.

Period of compulsory education:
  • Entry age: 6
  • Exit age: 15

General Education

The general education in Armenia provides basic knowledge about technology, nature and ecology, and develops the mental, spiritual, and physical capabilities of the students. 

Secondary General Education

As per the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the secondary education is mandatory and free of cost. 
  • Duration: 12 years
Secondary education in Armenia is divided into three levels:
  • Primary school
  • Basic/Middle school 
  • High school 

Primary/Elementary School

The primary schools in Armenia provide basic literacy and mathematical skills to the students.
  • Grades: 1-4
  • Ages: 6-10
  • Duration: 4 years

Basic School

The basic schools in Armenia provide scientific understanding of the world and nature. These schools emphasize on science and health living, and develop a sense of independence in the students. 
  • Grades: 5-9
  • Ages: 10-15
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Credential awarded: Certificate of Basic Education (Himnakan yndhanur krtutyan atestat) 
Main Subjects: Armenian language and history, mathematics and foreign language

Curriculum: Natural sciences- chemistry, astrology ecology, physics, and biology; social science- geography, law, political science and economics; culture, music and fine arts. 

Upon successful completion of the basic school, students get the certificate of completion of basic education. With this certificate, students can go for high school studies and can also enter technical secondary institutions or specialized secondary institutions.

High School

The high schools in Armenia prepare students for higher education or future careers. This level of education provides skills and knowledge in a specific field. 
  • Grades: 10-12
  • Ages: 16-18
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Credential: Certificate of Full Secondary Education (Mijnakarg Yndhanur Krtoutian Attestat)
Upon successful completion of the high school studies, students receive a certificate of completion of secondary education, which is also known as Certificate of maturity "Hasunutian Vkaiakan" or Attestat (Certificate of complete secondary education). With this certificate, students can go for higher education in Armenia.  

Vocational Secondary Education

The vocational secondary education provides specialized and professional education in a particular field. The duration of this educational level is 6 months to 3 years.
  • Age: 16 and above

In Armenia, there are many vocational craftsmanship schools and middle technical colleges.

Technical and Specialized Secondary Education

To gain admittance into the technical and specialized secondary educational institutions, students must hold a basic education certificate or a full-secondary education certificate. This level of education provides technology-specific education and training to students.

Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs are generally mainstreamed into the school system. Evening and boarding educational institutions, as well as orphanages, are available for providing education to children with special needs. 

School Year

The school year starts on September 1 and is split up into two semesters. The school year lasts for 30 weeks for first grade and 34 weeks for the remaining grades.

Grading System

The secondary schools in Armenia use a 20-point grading scale.

 GradeScale  Grade Description (In English)Grade Description (In Armenian)  US Grade
 5 18.00-20.00 Excellent գերազանց A
 4 13.00-17.99 Good լավ B
 3 8.00-12.99 Satisfactory Բավարար C
   Pass Ստուգված  P
 2 0.00-7.99 Fail անբավարար F
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