Structure of Education in Armenia

Education in Armenia has several drawbacks. But with the gradual advancement of the society, the government is also trying to improve the education system of Armenia. Education, held specifically regarding in Armenian society, changed speediest of the social administrations, while health and welfare administrations endeavoured to administer the essential state-arranged structure of the Soviet era.
The training division in Armenia was mainly spoken to by two sorts of instructive stations:
  • General- Preschool foundation and School
  • Expert -Preliminary Professional Educational Institution – Technical School; Middle Professional Educational Institute – College
 Higher Education Institution (Hei) – University, Institute, Academy and Conservatory.
 Postgraduate studies are accessible inside Hei and in addition experimental foundations are also found.
In 2006 Armenia changed over to a three level 12 year general instruction framework having the accompanying grouping: rudimentary school (4 years), centre school (5 years) and secondary school.

Structure of Education System

Primary Education

Before 2001, the structure of primary education consisted of 8 years education. It was divided into elementary education that consisted of grade 1 to grade 3.  Then it was middle basic general years that consisted of 4 years of education starting from grade 4 to grade 8.
In the year of 2001-02, the compulsory basic education was provided for 9 years. But very recently, the general basic education consisted of 12 years. The admission age is 7. This entire system was fully operational since 2007-08. In the present system:
Primary education- Grade 1 to 4
Lower secondary education is from grade 5 to 9.

Secondary Education

The upper secondary education is provided for 2 years. At present it consists of the grades 10 to grade 12.

Vocational Education

The vocational education is provided after completion of the grade of 9. The duration of this course is 2 to 3 years. Study of vocational education provides the qualification of craftsmanship.

Higher Education

The higher education is provided for duration of 2-3 years. Professional degree courses take 3 years to complete, whereas, the Bachelor’s degree is provided for duration of 4 years. The degree of post-graduation requires 2 years two complete. It takes 4 years to complete the course of medicine education. It takes around 2-3 years to qualify for the doctoral degree.

All the educational programs in Armenia starting from 2008, are based on European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

Development of the University

On the groundwork of the development and advancement of Yerevan State University various higher instructive autonomous Institutions were shaped incorporating Medical Institute divided in 1930 which was set up on the foundation of restorative staff. In 1980 Yerevan State Medical University was recompensed one of the principle remunerates of the previous USSR - the Order of Labor red Banner for preparing qualified authorities in medical services and profitable administration in the improvement of Science. Ysmi was renamed to Ysmu and after Mkhitar Heratsi, the acclaimed medieval specialist. Mkhitar Heratsi was the originator of Armenian Medical School in Cilician Armenia.

The incredible specialist assumed the same part in Armenian Medical Science as Hippocrates in Old Greek, Galen in Rome, and Ibn Sina in Arabic prescription. Remote people's specialization for Armenian Diaspora built in 1957 later was expanded and the selection of outside learners started. These days the Ysmu is a Medical Institution relating to worldwide prerequisites, trains restorative staff not just for Armenia and neighboring nations, i.e. Iran, Syria and Lebanon, Georgia however for numerous other heading nations everywhere throughout the planet. The eye is a private higher instruction organization secured in Yerevan, the Republic of Armenia, in 1996.

On March 13, 1997 Eiu was completely authority dependent upon the choice made by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Ra. From that point forward Eiu was sanctioned to issue State Diplomas. Beginning of September 2007 Eurasia International University is completely complying with the prerequisites of the Bologna Process.

Higher Education in Armenia

The following types of higher academic establishments (HEI) are operational in Hayastan.
  • University: HEI provides higher, postgraduate and supplementary education in numerous branches of natural and social science fields, science, technology, and culture.
  • Institute: HEI, conducting specialist and postgraduate educational programs (educational) and providing opportunities for scientific researches and studies. It is aimed towards the event of education for science, technology and culture in a personal sphere; it conducts programs preparing and re-training qualified specialists in a personal field, furthermore as postgraduate educational programs.

 HEI Education

In total, there are twenty six state HEIs, of that sixteen with their fourteen branches belong to the system of Ministry of Education and Science (MOES), four HEIs supported by interstate agreements and state participation, and funded by Moses, a pair of HEIs within the system of the Ministry of Defense of the RA, one HEI within the system of every of the subsequent Ministry/Body: Republic of Hayastan Police, Ministry of Emergency things of the RA, government officials Council of the RA, Mother See of Holy Etchimiadzin. The amount of personal teaching establishments is counted to be forty one, of that thirty five are authorized establishments, and a half - dozen are non-accredited establishments.
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