Academic Year and Language of Instruction in Armenia

During the Marxist regime in Armenia, people were compelled to follow the rules of Russia for official communication. Russian language was the mode of communication in every aspect of life starting from education to official works. There was no separate education system in Armenia. People had to emulate Russian models to educate their children. Teachers trained their students in Russian language. Even, all official works were done in imitation of Soviet Russia.

Change in Old Armenian Education System

The basic framework of Armenian education includes vocational (technical education), pre-school, secondary (general and special categories) and post-graduation. Initially all the education system was instructed in Russian language. However, after the independence, Armenia prioritized the major modification of the conventional education. There was a sea-change in the format of providing education to people. Bologna type education system in Armenia has been opted for to upgrade the teaching method breaking the traditional Russian education framework in Russian language.

Initiation of Armenian Language

The Armenian language was at a stake as more and more people pursued studies in Russian language. So, Armenian language was initiated in the secondary and high schools as well with more emphasis. As a result Russian language became less popular in education and Armenian language prevailed. Even the Armenian language was used for giving instructions in the department of Russian. As a result, the language of Armenian became popular.

Introduction of English Language

Simultaneously, English language has been taken as the vehicle of communication. Especially, in international schools and colleges in Armenia, students have options to be fluent in, write and arrange research papers in the English language. It is an impetus to boost up young students to connect themselves with the world. Simultaneously, the breeze of modern science and technology blows gently over Armenia to rejuvenate the education system in the country. Students are given liberty to choose their subjects at tertiary levels.

French language as a mode of communication

French is another language that is taught in Armenia and instructions of education are often provided in this language.

Bilingualism and multilingualism in Armenia

The students of Armenia are taught many languages in the school level. As a result the people of Armenia are bilingual or multilingual. Even the students who can speak Armenian, Russian and English, gets better opportunity for a job. This forced the schools to teach multi-languages to the students.

Different Academic Years at Various Levels in Armenia

  • The first grade is Pre-school which covers 1-3 grades to train students.
  • The second level is Basic which includes 4-8 grades to complete the session.
  • The Third level is high school which has 9-10 grades. Students have to finish 10th grade to proceed for studying at tertiary level in colleges.
The academic year usually starts from the month of November. The time of submission of forms and entrance examination varies from year to year. The entrance exams are conducted mostly in the month of August within 20th to 30th.

The undergraduate degree, in English, computational sciences and Business and communication generally starts on September and it is a 4 years degree. The undergraduate courses are commenced from January in some colleges and in February, March, May, June or July in some institutes.

The graduation program is commenced in 6 times throughout the year. It commences from November 25th, February 1st and 18th, April 1st, June 1st and 18th, July 15th and August 1st in different universities.

The BS degree in computational science that provides instructions in the language of computer generally commences from December in some institutes.

Language Preference

Though its level of competency have considerably remittent since Armenia's independence in 1991, in 2010, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was accorded that regarding seventieth of Armenia's population has the power to talk Russian. A 1999 study showed that regarding four-hundredth of the population is fluent in Russian. Russian language TV stations and newspapers are wide out there in Asian countries. The popularity of English is growing since Armenia's independence in 1991. Since 2008 Asian country has been an associate member of the organization International de la Francophone and has become a full member in Gregorian calendar month 2012. The UFAR is the largest French university among the non-French speaking country.
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