Higher Education Institutions and Qualifications in Armenia

The Ministry of Education and Science, Armenia establishes the state educational standards and policies. It also issues licenses and sanctions the admission rules and regulations for state and private accredited vocational and higher education institutions. 

Categorization of Higher Education Institutions

The higher education system in Armenia is offered by several higher education institutions, state as well as private. 

State higher education institutions: The state higher education institutions in Armenia are independent, not-for-profit legal state institutions. These institutions function under the supervision and management of several ministries but most of them are under the administration of the Ministry of Education and Science. There are 26 state higher education institutions in Armenia, out of which 16 higher education institutions with their 14 branches are under the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), and 4 higher education institutions are established by intergovernmental agreements and state participation, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science.  There are 2 higher education institutions under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense; 1 higher education institution under the following Ministries: Police, Mother See of Holy Etchimiadzin, and Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Private higher education institutions: In Armenia, there are about 41 private higher education institutions. These institutions are privately funded. 

Types of Armenian Higher Education Institutions

Following are the higher education institutions in Armenia:

University: This type of higher education institution offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in a wide range of fields, and also provides scientific research and study opportunities. 

Institute: The institutes in Armenia provide specialised and postgraduate courses and scientific research in several cultural, scientific and economic disciplines. 

Academies: This type of higher education institutions emphasize on the development of education, culture, science and technology in an individual field. These institutions of higher education trains the qualified specialist and offer postgraduate study programmes as well.

Conservatory: The Conservatory offers studies in the field of music. These institutions offer undergraduate and postgraduate academic courses.

Higher Education Qualifications

Following are the degrees offered by higher education institutions in Armenia:

Bachelor’s degree: Many higher education institutions in Armenia offer bachelor degree in a wide range of courses, such as natural sciences, law, humanities, social economics, philosophy, and many other professional fields. This degree lasts for at least 4 years, while for specialisation in medicine field it is 5 years. To gain admittance into the bachelor degree programme, students must hold a secondary general education graduation certificate. This programmes ends with a summative evaluation and final paper defence. Upon successful completion of a 4-year programme, a Bakalavri kochum is awarded.
  • ECTS credits: 240 for 4-year programme; and 180 for 5-year programme
  • Credential offered by: University and Institute
  • Credential for entry into bachelor’s degree programme: Certificate of Secondary Education (Mijnakarg Yndhanur Krtoutian Attestat)
Diploma Specialist: This qualification provides professional and specialized skills. It also provides theoretical and practical study programmes that prepare students for the workforce. The standard duration of this qualification is 5 years, while the physical education and arts field lasts for 4 years. This qualification requires a submission and defence of a diploma thesis at the end of the programme. The qualification of Diploma Specialist is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Master’s degree: This degree requires 1-2 years of study and admittance is based on bachelor’s degree or diploma specialist. This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required for management and independent professional development, and for scientific research activity. Upon successful completion of the programme, a Magistrosi kochum is awarded. 
  • ECTS credits: 120 for 2-year programme; and 60 for 1-year programme
  • Credential offered by: University and Institute
  • Credential for entry: Bakalavri Vorakavorum
PhD  and doctoral degree: Students who possess a Master’s degree or diploma specialist degree are eligible for PhD in Armenia. At this degree programme, students must carry out a scientific research and prepare a scientific dissertation. This degree lasts for 2-3 years. At the end of the programme, a defence of a dissertation is required. Upon successful completion of the programme, a Candidate of Science (In Armenian: Gitutiunneri Teknatsu) is awarded or title of Doctor of Science is given.
  • Credential for entry: Master’s degree in related field (Magistrosi Vorakavorum)

Higher Education Credentials

Following are the higher education credentials awarded by different types of higher education institutions in Armenia:
  • Diploma (դիպլոմ)
  • Junior Specialist II (Դիպլոմ կրտսեր մասնագետի II)
  • Junior Specialist III (Դիպլոմ կրտսեր մասնագետի III)
  • Diploma of Bachelor's Degree (Դիպլոմ Բակալավրի Աստիճան)
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Dentistry (Բարձրագույն ատամնաբուժական կրթության դիպլոմ)
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Medicine (Բարձրագույն բժշկական կրթության դիպլոմ)
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Veterinary Medicine (Բարձրագույն ավասնաբուժական կրթության դիպլոմ)
  • Specialist Diploma (Դիպլոմավորված Մասնագետ)
  • Diploma of Higher Education (Բարձրագույն մասնագիտական կրթության դիպլոմ)
  • Master's Degree Diploma (Մագիստրոսի աստիճանի դիպլոմ)
  • Candidate of Science (Գիտությունների թեկնածու)
  • Certificate of Completion of Graduate Coursework (Մագիստրական կուրսերի ավարտական վկայական)
  • Doctor of Science (Գիտությունների դոկտոր)
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